American College of Dubai
  • American College of Dubai
  • The American College of Dubai (ACD) is a private educational institution incorporated under the laws of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). ACD ...

Al Dar University College
  • Al Dar University College
  • In 1994, Aldar University College was established. Since the university’s inception, it has been committed to imbuing students with in...

Al Falah University
  • Al Falah University
  • Set up in 2013, Al Falah College (AFU) opened its entryways for its first clump of understudies in 2015. The college, situated in the core o...

American University in Dubai
  • American University in Dubai
  • Today, the American University in Dubai may be a fully independent, vibrant institution that is some extent of reference for education withi...

Al Ghurair University
  • Al Ghurair University
  • Al Ghurair College is one of the primary private scholarly establishments authorized by the Service of Instruction of the Unified Middle Eas...

Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine
Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government
MENA College of Management
  • MENA College of Management
  • MENA School of The executives is a youthful, comprehensive Advanced education Organization, that plan to deliver remarkable and splendid alu...

Manipal University, Dubai
  • Manipal University, Dubai
  • Manipal Foundation of Advanced education – MAHE Dubai is a branch grounds of Manipal Institute of Advanced education – MAHE Indi...

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